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Refrigerated Containers

These may be purchased in 20′ and 40′ High Cube sizes. The availability of new and pre-owned refrigerated containers in selected areas only; please call for further information.

Insulated Containers: available in both 20’ Standard and 40’ High Cube sizes. These containers were once fully functional Refrigerated containers. Now, their cooling units have ceased functioning and have usually been removed. These containers are prized for their stainless steel/aluminum interiors but especially the insulation that they possess which greatly helps keep a cool or warm environment for items stored inside. Especially desired by the food service sector when/where a full refrigerated container is not needed. Please call for price and availability.

All of our containers are rodent proof and weather proof. 3-Star and 2-Star units come with an 18 month leak-proof warranty and all 1-Trip/4-Star units come with a 3 year leak proof warranty.

Our Rating System vs. Container Industry Terminology

We use a rating system that is descriptive, actually telling you what you will be getting. Container Industry Terminology is confusing and unclear as to the actual condition of their containers.

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