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Very Good ★★★ Containers

When purchasing a PRE-OWNED container these will be of the highest quality in the U.S. Market.

Every pre-owned container will have minimal wear and tear. The original paint will still be in good condition. Very little rust or significant deterioration. If you wish to give it a new coat of paint, these can look almost as good as our 4 star containers.


Containers in this condition, while not 1Trip/New, are as close as it gets to a brand new container. Although rare, ★★★+ containers are far less wear than their ★★★ cousins.

Our Rating System vs. Container Industry Terminology

We use a rating system that is descriptive, actually telling you what you will be getting. Container Industry Terminology is confusing and unclear as to the actual condition of their containers.

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All of our containers are: leak-proof, rodent-proof and weather-proof. You will like what you receive.