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Shipping Container Buyer's Guide


Buying a Conex Container

Shipping containers, also called conex containers or conex boxes, are popular for many uses. From self-storage to hunting lodges and above-ground modified swimming pools, our steel containers offer security and resist the elements. We rate our steel storage containers using easy-to-understand terminology to make it “EZ” to find the container for your project or need.

Getting The “Right” Shipping Container – The First Time

Buying a shipping container is an investment. We want to help you get it right the first time!

Use. Think carefully about what you will be using your shipping container for. Get a few ideas together. Conex boxes can serve just about any purpose you can imagine! Just check out these great modified shipping container ideas from Pinterest!

Condition. Now that you have your idea in mind – whether you need your conex container for storage, international shipping, or to modify and create something awesome (like a container barn!), you are ready to shop!

Use our Container Rating System (below) with easy-to-understand 4-star rating system with photos to learn about the different conditions that you can purchase a shipping container in.

Size. What size do you need? If you’re considering a container for storage, and you have extra space, you may want to look at a 40’ shipping container unit as opposed to a 20’ shipping container. Forty-foot shipping containers, are in most cases, only priced a bit more than a 20 ft shipping container. Check out our handy Shipping Containers Dimensions Chart to review container sizes.

Our 4-Star Container Rating System

Our conex container units are rated on a 4-star scale. Depending on your specific need, you may want a one-trip shipping container or a used container.

One Trip Shipping Containers ⭐⭐⭐⭐

One trip containers (also referred to as new containers) are the best grade units available in America.

One trip container units have made only “one trip” across the sea when they are brought to port and available for purchase. The interior and exterior paint, flooring, doors and door seals are in the best condition. One trip conex boxes come with no rust & no dents. Typically, these units also come with lock boxes.

Excellent Used Condition (EUC) Shipping Containers ⭐⭐⭐

Used shipping containers come available in three conditions (by our simplified rating system).

  • Excellent Used Condition (or “Very Good”)
  • Good Reliable Condition
  • Fair Condition

We only sell containers that rate Excellent Used or Good condition within our rating system.

These used steel shipping containers will be of very high quality.

  • Minor cosmetic defects. The original paint will still be good and not rusted through.
  • Can look like a NEW unit with a fresh coat of paint!
  • Secure storage
  • Structurally sound
  • Watertight
  • Can be certified “cargo worthy” for overseas shipping!

Good Reliable Condition Shipping Containers ⭐⭐

If you are looking for secure, dependable storage on a budget, shop our “Good Reliable” rated used conex boxes.

  • Terrific value for the money
  • Secure
  • Typical surface rust seen on units in this category but still reliable
  • Structurally sound
  • Watertight
  • Can be certified to be cargo-worthy for overseas shipping

Fair Condition Shipping Containers ⭐

These are the #1 requested containers by customers because of their price. There’s a reason why these containers are called “Fair”.

Containers in this condition

  • are not able to haul cross-ocean contents for shipping companies.
  • have major corrosion rust actually eating away at the metal and will eventually become a problem down the road
  • If you don’t mind a container that looks really bad on the outside, but has no holes, then these containers may be what you want.

We advise not buying this condition unless you’re able to do your own repairs or you just need a place to store things out of sight.

We do not offer nor sell this grade of container. These photos are for purposes of illustration only. We want our customers to know that we will never sell them a container in this poor a condition.

Refrigerated Containers

Also called “reefers” or “refers”, these units are terrific for storing or shipping refrigerated or temperature-sensitive goods like food, plants, film, and even blood and plasma!

Popular in restaurant use, reefer containers can offer a restaurant an additional cooler space for produce, meats, or dairy products! Grocery stores and food banks also use these containers for additional storage during peak seasons.

Containers in this condition

  • are not able to haul cross-ocean contents for shipping companies.
  • have major corrosion rust actually eating away at the metal and will eventually become a problem

Need Help?

We provide all the information that we can on our page to make your container purchase experience “EZ”. If you have questions, want to know if a certain length or height of a container will fit your needs, are curious regarding local codes regulations for shipping containers in your area, or need other information – we’re here to help.

Call one of our amazing team members now and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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Our Rating System vs. Container Industry Terminology

We use a rating system that is descriptive, actually telling you what you will be getting. Container Industry Terminology is confusing and unclear as to the actual condition of their containers.

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